Earphones, why can’t they last longer?

So to resume my run of articles on this website, I’ve decided to share one of our favorite articles this week. I was tentative to add it to a website as I really didn’t want to offend the original writer, but I hope he/she is happy that I loved reading their work and wanted to share it with my readers.

Hello and welcome to the modern group of responses to your headset inquiries. Ever desired to learn about something headphone, earpiece or headset linked? Now is your opportunity. Due to a great deal of questions we’re so frequently asked, we have reached into our mailbox and chosen the 9 most important (and most frequently submitted) questions. Enjoy.

Oh, by the way, if your inquiry is not here, then just mail us an message and come back in a few… you could find it featured within the later series. Cheers.
Part 1: How can I make my earphones last longer?

Headsets are a significant part of modern music. During the bad old days, headsets were close to stationary turntables and the only portable music emanated mainly from ‘Ghetto Blasters’, which a kind of portable tape player, such as one that incurs the wrath of Mr. Spock in Star Trek 5, the one with the whales.

This ultimately meant that if you planned to play some music whilst out and about, (and lets face it, who doesn’t?) everybody else in direct vicinity had to listen to it also.
Today, as any peek out of the closest window should inform you, virtually everybody is listening to music discreetly and comfortably with the use of iPods, MP3 players and what-have-you. But, your earphones, the supply of your auditory pleasure (see what I did there? nyuk nyuk) are much like your clothing or your vehicle in they go all over the place with you and infrequently need some TLC to keep them running for more time.

Damage could be the main killer of earphones (unless, like me, you park yourself on them if they’re within your pocket whilst at work…D’oh!) and as such, you need to be aware to those following dangers.

1) Winding: wrapping your earphones all-around your MP3 player might seem like a good way to store them, but be aware of wrapping it up too securely. If you wrap the cords too tightly or firmly, you’re prone to tear the silicon wiring inside, this can cause irreversible damage with the wires, giving you damage to quality or total loss of sound totally.

2) Fluids: Your headphones could appear water resistant, but in reality, they’re not. The speakers soak up fluid, this could warp them permanently, distorting all potential sound. Rain you can handle, but be cautious of sweat when jogging or exercising and, naturally, be careful for spilled drinks.

3) Heat: The identical reason that fluids are bad (but also with one more threat of the wiring) extreme heat is an extremely bad thing for headphones. Avoid leaving them in the path of direct daylight for extended time, or seeking to microwave them whilst drunk.

Caring for the earphones is a comparatively simple task, if the sound becomes distorted, its from time to time a good suggestion to wash out the speakers with a dry cotton bud, just dabbing away at the grease or make up which could build up in there. If the problem persists, run the cotton bud under some warm water and try washing out your ears. That now and then works.


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