P7 technical paper – everything is designed to allow you to lose yourself in music.

When we found this post we were so pleased, having hunted for over one year for this, discovering it on this site was an exciting day for yours truly.

Thanks to the technological improvements we’ve made for the P7 headphones, sound performance is a revelation.Bass is deep and tight, vocals are clearly defined, and there’s a wonderful sense of space, balance and clarity across the whole frequency range.

At the same time, the over-ear design and snugly fitting ear pads ensure P7 envel¬ops you in sound. Because when you’re hearing sound this good, you don’t want anything to interrupt your enjoyment of it.

Drive unit design

Drive units with precise, controlled movement reproduce sound of the highest quality. With most headphones, sound quality is a direct result of the way the drive units are designed, and the diaphragm usually performs the dual role of sound generator and suspension system.With P7 our engineering expertise has allowed us to create a new kind of head¬phone driver, that works more like the drive unit in a hi-fi speaker, with a diaphragm focussed purely on the job it’s supposed to do: generate sound. Which means a drive unit with a more precise, controlled movement – and a giant leap forward in sound quality.

Dual cavity ear pads

Dual cavity ear pads ensure great sound for all ear shapes and sizes.

P7’s ear pads feature a dual cavity cushion design. This maintains a consistent volume of air between the drive unit and the sur¬face of the ear at both sides of the head. Coupled with ear-pads that mould to the contours of the wearer’s head, the result is enhanced stereo imaging and optimised sound for every listener.

Resistive speaker basket

Resistive speaker baskets precisely control airflow so the headphones pro¬duce natural sound.

The internal speaker baskets encasing the P7’s drive units are perforated with air vents covered with a resistive mesh. This unique design allows for precise control of sound radiation from back of the drive unit, resulting in a more uniform, piston-like movement.

Braced speaker baffle

The braced speaker baffle eliminates unwanted vibrations so the head¬phones produce clean sound without distortion.

P7’s speaker baffle plates are constructed from a polymer material that has been heavily braced and tuned to make it very rigid and inert. This limits any resonances that might colour the sound of the head¬phones.

Light voice coil

Light voice coil so the speakers can move freely and produce detailed treble.

P7’s voice coil is constructed from a cop¬per-clad aluminium wire. This low-weight voice coil means that the drive unit can move freely, for extended high frequency dynamics

Damping material

Damping material eliminates unwanted internal reflections allowing the head¬phones to produce clean sound without distortion.

Damping material inside the speaker enclo¬sure helps control and dampen unwanted internal reflections, reducing colouration and distortion. Bowers & Wilkins engineers have conducted exhaustive tests work¬ing with different combinations of damp¬ing materials, to ensure the best possible performance with P7.


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