Phoning It In: What your Earpieces Display About Your Liking

What is your favourite feature of my radio accessory? In my opinion, I like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuitís underpants!

Nowadays, it seems everyone walking the streets listening to music on their earphones, what sound? We do not know. We assume we know. Would the punk rocker at the rear of that coach secretly jamming to Britney Spears? Or may be the tracksuit-bottomed, highlight-headed teenager awaiting her friends, in reality moshing out with Black Flag? The pinstripe power suit in the train might be an enormous Public Enemy supporter or the local ASBO might be a jazz fan that has a liking for Coltraneís sax playing.

Those who do not dress in any music-themed garments style can remain safely undistinguished to the world at large as music consumers. Or can they? Here are two brands and what they say about you:

Skullcandy are a new-ish product (founded 2003) and aimed squarely on the postpunk/goth/emo/whatever crowd. The evidence is now in the name and also the kid-friendly Stencilled graphitti skull logo. Manufactured to accompany bullet belts, Atticus shirts and thin fit jeans, (the last vestiges of genuine subculture now comfortably removed and changed by mere consumption of impression and merchandise in one. Punkís first image, i.e, the flaunting of poverty has been overtaken by a age bracket primed to use ready-ripped jeans and spraypaint-effect shirts, I, uh, mean whatever, guy). Skullcandy earpieces come in a variety of loud colors, also as the stark black and white for maximum application. Given the gain in value, this indicates exceedingly improbable a customer would buy these earphones unless it was to create an announcement about the music itself. This individual (even when these are an eighty year old lady) is much more likely to be listening to My Chemical Romance than they may be Mozart.

Sennheiser headphones, distinctive by their smaller, specialized design tend to be more the domain of the audiophile, the music nut and also the gadget freak. If you liked this article and you also would like to obtain more info about Hytera PD782 walkie Talkie Earpiece nicely visit the web site. This person, though they could be attired in comparable way to that Skullcandy kid, is far more probable to be listening to Charles Mingus, a vintage Delta Blues or folk piece, appreciating it just how one might a excellent wine, along with all slight cultural nuances therein. This one is serious about music, and his/her derision for bands of the time could be equally serious. Expect a lecture at any 2nd on the genius of Belgian techno or a quantity of ambiguous Japanese arse-band (NOTE: arse-music is not a real style…yet)

So, the peripherals we use inside the 21st century say as much about us as our disc collections might. Even if we donít want them to? That surely seems being the case, anyway. Next: How come we iPod customers so bloody smug?


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