Tactical Jack Airwaves Kit – Police Earpiece

What is your favorite feature of my radio accessory? In my opinion, I like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuit’s underpants!

The Tactical Jack (Talk & Listen) Police Earpiece is Airwaves Sepura SRP2000 and Airwaves Motorola MTH800 police radio system compatible.

It is suitable for police officers on patrol and security personnel who want an easy to use, low profile, pressel and earpiece system.

It features a surgical grade moulded earpiece for added comfort in the ear and an acoustic tube that is clear and coiled, enabling discreet and comfortable movement without disturbing the earpiece. This ensures it is comfortable to wear for prolonged periods on patrol and duty.

The press-to-talk switch and mic can be fed down a sleeve for covert use or clipped onto a vest for normal duty use. Making this a versatile bit of kit that is great value.

Tech Spec:
Plug to PTT/Mic: 850mm
PTT/Mic to Transducer: 400-800mm
Transducer to Ear: 200-400mm
Plug Diameter: 2.5mm

Tactical Jack also make gel insert earpieces that reduce the loss of back ground noise you get when wearing normal Police earpieces; they are also more comfortable when wearing for prolonged periods.

You can check out the other Tactical Jack ancillary items on Earpieceonline, by clicking here.


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